Against State Sponsored Murder (July 8th & 9th)


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“Our Prayers go out to the Children and family of Philando Castile St. Paul Minn & Alton Sterling Baton Rouge LA the most resent victims of State Sponsored Murder by Police Officers. You are in our hearts and prayers…” – Justice for Jackie, &

“To everyone who understands that our existence is resistance, especially to our Black siblings, peers, and loved ones. We acknowledge, too, that eradicating the oppressive conditions in which self-care is considered a revolutionary act is the ultimate call, and it is a call that must be met by all.#HoldOurHeartsClose #HoldEachOtherStrong


” – Tacoma Stands Up, &

“Derrick Crocklem is the cousin of Alton Sterling. Wednesday night he came to a candlelight in honor of his cousin in Tacoma,WA. Upon talking to him later,  we found out that he may not be able to afford to travel home to Baton Rouge, LA to be with his family.

Please help us get Derrick and his wife home to say a final goodbye to his cousin Alton.

If you would like to donate by cash or check, you can write a check to Derrick of LaShaunda Crocklem, and drop it off to the Tacoma Urban Leauge.

Alton Sterling was killed by Baton Rouge police on camera. Due to the graphic nature of the video, we will not post it here.

Funds are being raised by the Tacoma Action Collective, but ALL of the money raised will go directly to the family. This campaign is linked directly to LaShaunda and Derrick Crocklem’s bank account, and they will receive all of the funds directly.” – Tacoma Action Collective, &

“Friday, July 8th at 6:30pm-8:30pm at The United Churches of Olympia: This is a Call to Action for people sick of dealing with an unaccountable police force, and we’re not willing to have one more vigil after another black person is killed. We’re ready to take action. Are you?

Washington state has the most regressive laws in the United States regarding the use of deadly force by law enforcement officers. Under the current law, it is impossible to prosecute a law enforcement officer in a use of deadly force crime.

Initiative 873 seeks to change that law and hold cops accountable for their actions. This initiative needs signatures to get onto the ballot, and we’re asking our community to commit to getting those signatures. Come to the parking lot at United Churches of Olympia to learn more about the initiative and committ to getting 20 signatures from your friends, family, and neighbors.

In addition to this call to action, there will be a Healing Space for Black People inside the church where black folks can take a breath, see each other and mourn togther. This space is for all self-identified Black People. We ask that non-black people respect our need for this space adn focus your attention towards the action going on outside.” – Full Circle United, &

“Every 28 hours, a Black life is taken by police. This is not an overblown statistic. We’ve seen this statistic realize itself in the past, and it has manifested in the last two days where we lost ‪#‎AltonSterling‬ and‪#‎PhilandoCastile‬ nearly back to back. These are the cases we know of – that are documented by video footage – and we know that the number of Black people brutalized by police could very well exceed this statistic.

We are in a state of emergency. We have been in a state of emergency. We are in a constant state of grief. Over 500 people have been killed by police so far this year. We will not proceed as if it is business as usual.

Join us this Saturday in Pride and Resistance, as we lift up the ‪#‎QTPOC‬community, remember those who have left us to racialized, cultural, and state violence, and reaffirm that ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬. We will hold a space of communal healing for our personal and collective grief and we will publicly demonstrate that the terror on Black lives must end. We will ask the world to see our grief and to rise up for justice.

Black women matter. Black men matter. Black kids matter. Black families better. Black trans lives matter. Black queers matter. Black immigrants matter. Black lives matter.” – Tacoma Stands Up,

“The People’s Assembly: Pride & Resistance – Friday, July 9th at 11am-5pm at Don Pugnetti Park, 2085 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, 98402: As Pride Week kicks off in Tacoma, we remember that Pride originally began as a riot led by trans women and gender non-conforming people of color resisting community and state violence.

In honor of the resistance that continues for full liberation and justice for the LGBTQ community, especially for queer and trans people of color, we will gather to:
-Reclaim and celebrate our communities
-Remember those who struggled for freedom and justice for queer and trans people of color
-Rise up against the disparities and violence faced by the LGBTQ community, especially queer and trans people of color

We’ll be marching from Pacific Avenue and 21st street and ending at Pacific Avenue and 9th street, where we’ll be invited onstage by Tacoma Pride Festival to share about the significance of the intersection of Pacific Avenue and 9th, reflect on our experiences last summer during our direct actions at that intersection, and call on movement-building that critically engages intersectional equity and liberation.

We’ll be running our own booth at the festival, too – stop by and say hi, pick up some swag, and take photos at our photo wall. We’ll also be collecting stories from those who’d like to share about their experiences in the health, education, and criminal justice systems as a part of a future advocacy project thatwe’re planning. Come through and connect!

*As this is a family-friendly event, we ask that you bring good energy and respect.*” – Tacoma Stands Up,

“No Peace Til There Is Justice – Saturday, July 9th at 3pm-6pm at Beacon Hill Branch of the Seattle Public Library, 2821 Beacon Avenue South, Seattle, 98144: the police are gunning down our people left and right, we see Alton Sterling then the same night Philando Castile making 115 black men killed by police this year. we must make ciable solutions ourselves, otherwise we will continue to be victimized by this white supremacist government and the modern day legionaries. #acab #ftp

‘this is not sponsured by seattle public libraries'” – High Gods II & Seattle Black Book Club, & &

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