Creating A Space For Radical Black Healing

Via Puget Sound Medic’s Collective:

“in the wake of relentless anti-black violence, healing spaces are currently being created in seattle by black organizers.

this is an opportunity for non-black people to financially support black-led healing spaces.  the intention of this organizing effort is to support black healing, so that folks in the midst of grief, terror, and rage can receive community support. the value behind this work is to back up the power & leadership of black organizing for healing, justice, and liberation.

all funds raised will be transferred directly to black organizers who are creating healing spaces in seattle. donations are currently being collected and tracked by bean yogi (a non-black person of color) and a small team of NBPOC volunteers. all money raised and distributed will be documented & available to view for transparency. if you have concerns about these fundraising efforts, please contact bean yogi (”

For the fundraiser page, click here:

For more from the Puget Sound Medic’s Collective, click here:

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