Election Season: The Cisarchy Ticket

The Family Policy Institute of Washington has announced that it will intervene into elections this season. The Institute is a Christian fundamentalist hate group that seeks to exercise ideology through state power. The Institute has previously created the Just Want Privacy campaign organization. In the winter and spring it supported the so called “Bathroom Bills” in the legislature. This summer it created Initiative 1515. So far all of the Institute’s efforts have been defeated by the popular struggle for trans liberation. We have, time and again, come together to defeat specific machinations like Initiative 1515, and in general reduce the harmful impact of the state. The time is once again upon us. Let’s make sure some politicians lose their jobs! The Institute has drawn special attention to these elections:

  • 5th District (State Senate)
  • 5th District, Seat 2 (State House)
  • 6th District, Seat 1 (State House)
  • 10th District (State Senate)
  • 17th District (State Senate)
  • 17th District, Seat 1 (State House)
  • 26th District, Seat 1 (State House)
  • 28th District, Seat 2 (State House)
  • 30th District, Seat 1 (State House)
  • 30th District, Seat 2 (State House)
  • 41st District (State Senate)
  • Governor
  • Lieutenant Governor
  • Position 5 (State Supreme Court)

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