Here you can find information to help develop your thinking, or analysis, about trans liberation. There are materials with ideas and concepts. There are also open ended questions for anyone to answer.

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The questions below can help develop your thinking. Use them for personal reflection, or to start conversations. They might be helpful to discuss with your friends & relations, your groups, and those you might meet in the course of popular struggles.

  • How do you define words like gender, trans, and cis?
  • What do you think of the current situation?
  • Cisarchy: How is cis authority thought of and practiced?
  • What does liberation mean to you?
  • Consent: How do you practice consent in struggles for social change?
  • Solidarity: How and with who do you share a sense of common struggle?
  • Affinity: How and with who do you share the particular tasks of struggle?
  • Tactics: What are the particular tasks of this struggle?
  • Direct Action: How do your tactics realize your aims?
  • Agitation: How do you share your ideas and views?
  • Mutual Aid: What and how do you share without coercion?
  • Campaigns: How are your efforts at social change grouped together?
  • AIMS – WHY?
  • What would trans liberation mean to you?
  • How can the harm of the authorities be reduced?
  • How can cisarchy be abolished?
  • How can healing be shared?
  • What would revolution mean to you?